The following VR website documents the physical new media project  Cineoramawooden 8-channel, panoramic cinema—as well as a series of embedded multi-channel videos including the feature video Baptizo. This website was created with A-Frame, a web framework for building VR experiences. Due to this emerging technology, please note that iOS devices are currently incompatible with the <videospheres> utilized in this site: Computers, Android, or Oculus devices are recommended at this time. Please enjoy any other papercuts you may encounter.  

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"...A hut-like wooden structure built by Glass in 2019, Cineorama is a 10’ tall panoramic cinema, which projects the eight-channel video Baptizo (‘to immerse’ in Latin) in 360° on interior and exterior screens embedded in the architecture. The 8’11”video immerses the audience in a tourist encounter with the façade of the Baptistery of Saint John in Florence (1059-1128). Tourist footage, which is shot from various viewpoints, elevations, and camera angles, gives the viewer a sensation of being ‘transported’ to Florence, but never forms a perfect optical and spatial illusion of the building. Through Glass’s radical and highly tactile approach to cinematic construction, the singular viewpoint of linear perspective is multiplied and fragmented, and crisp, rhythmic splicing of the geometric marble façade presents moments of complete abstraction."*


Cineorama draws on research supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts and British Columbia Council for the Arts.

Cineorama is also the result of numerous supportive colleagues, friends, and family, whom without this project could not have been completed. A big thanks specifically to: Pete Centis, Stephen Hsiao, Robb Glass, Jordan Hill, Jake Hrubizna, Katie Brown and everyone at the Kamloops Art Gallery for their support in the installation of the Cineorama at Luminocity.  

Other Projects Onsite


Feedorama is a POV video chronicling the construction, documentation, and dissemination of Cineorama. 
The video shows the production of the work of art as in itself an aesthetic experience and positions art production as an inherently performative act. The video production is ongoing and enlists handheld and surveillance style documentation to record the production that has occurred from Victoria, BC to Bremen, Germany.
This version shows Feedorama exhibited at 6 locations as part of Truck Thingy, Hochschultage, HFK, Bremen, Germany.
Filmed by Levi Glass
Audio by Thomas Keiser (mixed with video soundtrack) 


Andenken is an immersive video focusing on the political mediation between idealized images and kitsch objects documented in Berlin shop displays. The objects depicted are symbols of ideology encapsulating the commodification of political conflict.
Filmed by Levi Glass & Frederic Duval